B2b User Generated Content

When Lady Gaga released her newest music video for Stupid Love “shot on iPhone,” the Umault team started thinking about the role of user-generated video in marketing. I personally live by the motto “If it’s good enough for Gaga, then it’s good enough for me,” but that’s probably not true for all brands as well.

However, user-generated and self-taped content does have a role in the current media landscape, especially in times when shooting a live-action production isn’t an option.

Watch the episode to learn:
– Why the camera — iPhone or film — is only one tool in the filmmaker’s toolkit, and how a professional can adjust to fit the limitations of the tool
– That every medium sends a message, and what messages you send by using iPhone, webcams or other self-taped options
– What considerations brands should make when thinking of both short and long-term content strategies in the current climate
– What the most important consideration for all content should be (Ok fine I’ll just tell you this one: It’s having a good message that’s worth saying, regardless of what medium you choose to present it.)